10 facts about the SGP

  • The SGP is the best Russian school launching bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Political Science and Public Administration;
  • The SGP is in the World’s Top 100 Universities as a school of governance and political science;
  • The master's program “Smart City Management” is ranked among the 10 most promising university programmes in Russia by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.
  • The SGP launches 26 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs;
  • SGP runs 6 English-language double-degree master's programs with best universities in Europe and Asia;
  • The SGP offers to its students a wide range of free internships in the leading universities of Europe and Asia;
  • School of Governance and Politics is one of the two academic partners of the Canadian New Cities Foundation along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • 30 percent of lectures at the School of Governance and Politics are delivered in English.
  • SGP offers summer internships at major state corporations and governmental bodies
  • The SGP has 7 double degree master’s programs and 2 international master’s programs implemented together with the UN.

Professors teaching at school’s departments:

  • Benedetta Giovanola
  • Vice Rector for International Relations, University of Macerata;
  • Professor at the Department of Public Administration, MGIMO
  • Doran Pietro Augusto
  • Managing Director of First Rock Associates (Asia) Ltd
  • Founder of the world's first Global Real Estate Services Platform under the Dream Chain
  • Professor at the Department of Public Administration, MGIMO
  • Ricardo Pozzi
  • Advisor to the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Senate of Italy
  • Professor at the Department of Public Administration, MGIMO
  • Igor Pellizziari
  • Professor at the University of Urbino
  • Ambassador of San Marino in Jordan
  • Visiting Professor at the Department of Political Theory, MGIMO
  • Andrea Giannotti
  • Professor, Department of the History of International Relations and History of Eastern Europe, Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa;
  • Professor, Department of World Political Processes, MGIMO
  • Stevan Gayich
  • Researcher at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade
  • Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics


Public and municipal administration

University of Macerata & MGIMO University

«International Public and Business Administration»

The aim of the program is to train high-class managers who are capable of supporting the international activities of state authorities and state and commercial corporations in the European Union and the Russian Federation.

Sapienza University & MGIMO University

«Digital Public Governance»

The aim of the program is to train specialists who will be able to meet the growing demands of state authorities and major corporations in the field of innovation management.

Yonsei University & MGIMO University

«Smart City Management»

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified specialists with unique skills in the field of smart city management.

Luiss University of Rome & MGIMO University

«Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability»

The aim of the program is to train high-class experts in innovation and innovative development, combined with a legal or managerial background and giving them the instruments necessary to interpret the current digital transitions in society and the economy. The program provides students with a solid legal background with equally strong interdisciplinary, managerial and technical knowledge.

Political science

University of Pisa & MGIMO University

«Political Consulting
and International Relations»

The program provides graduate students not only with regional comparative perspectives on the developments in EU and Eurasian regions but also with analytical tools necessary to understand and research issues and challenges that traverse the globe. MPCIR is designed to train students for global career opportunities whether in private or public sectors, or academia.

University of Florence & MGIMO University

«GR and International Lobbying»

The programme trains experts in lobbying and government relations. Courses in Law, Decision Making and Economy will prepare students for their careers in public institutions and private GR-departments.

LUISS University of Rome & MGIMO University

«GR and International Lobbying»

The programme responds to a changing world in which policy decisions are taken at different linked levels. It prepares students to use public policy analysis in the outside world by drawing on different disciplines, covering major policies made at EU, international, national, regional and local levels.

International relations

University of Cagliary & MGIMO University


The focus of the program is unique competences in administration of external relations of regions at national and international levels. The program places specific emphasis on recent developments in current social and humanitarian issues.

Joint Programs with Moscow State University

«Russian policy studies»

«Russian policy studies» program aimed at studying foreign and domestic policy of modern Russia. The program is implemented within the scope of Political Science course. The research adviser on the part of MSU – P.K.Dutkevich, professor of political science, Director of Public Administration and Public Policy Center at Carleton University of Ottawa (Canada); on the part of MGIMO is the Head of the Political Theory Department – T.A.Alekseeva.

«Post-soviet public policy»

«Post-soviet public policy» program aimed at studying states of the former Soviet Union and implemented within the scope of Public policy course at MGIMO and within the scope of Political Science course at MSU. The research adviser on the part of MGIMO is the Head of the Comparative Politics Department – O.V.Gaman-Golutvina, on the part of MSU – the Head of Public Policy Department – V.I.Yakunin.


University of Macerata & MGIMO

«Political institutions, processes and technologies»

The Faculty implements the only joint postgraduate program in Russia with the University of Macerata (Italy) in the specialty "Political institutions, processes and technologies".

Postgraduates spend their first year of study at the University of Macerata, the second and third years at MGIMO. The education is provided entirely in English. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates obtain a diploma in "Researcher. Professor and researcher" and at the University of Macerata - certificate of mastering the PhD program. The postgraduate student is given the opportunity to choose the university where the thesis will be defended. After successful defense, applicants are awarded:

  • at MGIMO - PhD degree in Political Science
  • at the University of Macerata - PhD in humanitarian sciences