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Dual degree master programs


The program provides graduate students not only with regional comparative perspectives on the developments in EU and Eurasian regions but also with analytical tools necessary to understand and research issues and challenges that traverse the globe. MPCIR is designed to train students for global career opportunities whether in private or public sectors, or academia.

Duration 2 years
Tuition fees €1000 + €7000
Tuition language english
Application deadline July 1
Internship 3 months
Core disciplines International Relations, Comparative Politics, Research Methods, Regional Studies


Core courses 1st year — UNIMC

  • History of Transatlantic Relations
  • International Economic Policy
  • The EU and its international relations
  • Europe-Russia Relations
  • Advanced International Relations: methods and concepts
  • Development Economics
  • International and European Migration Law
  • Comparative Immigration Policy

Core courses 2nd year — MGIMO University

  • Applied Political Analytics
  • Methodology of Political Research
  • Critical Geopolitics
  • Politics and security in post-soviet countries
  • Globalization and its challenges
  • Politics in Eurasian states
  • Politics in Russia
  • The EU, the Council of Europe and Russia






  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • 2 reference letters
  • Bachelor transcript / copy of diploma
  • IELTS / TOEFL certificate
  • 2 photos

Submit portfolio via email:

Application deadline — July, 1


MPCIP has been designed for students who want to tackle the problems faced by European and Eurasian leaders and deeply study political processes underway in EU and Eurasia. MPCIR offers an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, regional expertise within two regions, methodological training, and international experience enabling graduate students to study versatile issues and challenges in their political, socioeconomic, cultural and geographical settings. MPCIR offers knowledge, skills and competencies needed to critically analyze regional developments and to approach them in a systemic way through the lens of modern approaches in international relations and comparative politics.

MPCIR is an internationally oriented two-year double degree master’s program taught entirely in English.

MPCIR has the advantages of:

  • Dual degree (Russia and Italy)
  • Experience in two international students’ communities
  • Double mentorship (MGIMO and UniPi) for the master’s thesis
  • Comprehensive language training in Russian and European languages

Univercity of Pisa

MPCIR is taught in collaboration with the University of Pisa and starts in September in Pisa. The one-year study in UniPI provides a comprehensive and advanced study of international relations, economics and European law as academic disciplines with in-depth understanding of the EU political practices and Italian experience. The European studies specialization takes advantage of the expertise of internationally renowned faculty and the abundant resources of UniPi numerous departments and centers.

MGIMO University

The second year of study in MGIMO will combine a strong methodological training with Russian and Eurasian studies specialization. The regional specialization in MGIMO is designed for graduate students seeking to gain advanced, interdisciplinary comparative knowledge in the field of post-Soviet studies. The specialization offers courses in Russian and Eurasian politics, security, and nation-building and Russian language. The language and area training and the comprehensive although flexible curriculum provide a solid ground for students willing to pursue their regionally-focused careers along multiple paths be it diplomacy, public or private sectors.


Three-month internship organized during the fourth semester allows students to gain invaluable work experience in Moscow, Russia’s cosmopolitan capital Moscow. Internship opportunities offer master students the chance to practice their academic skills and apply theories they've learnt to real world situations in government, business, academia or nonprofit sector and to conduct their research on the ground.


MGIMO performs impressively well in connecting graduates with their employers: the University scores 5/5 stars in the QS University Ranking on Employability.

he 4th term is fully focused on thesis and 3-month internship. Students are free to choose a place for their internship from a list of MGIMO partners as well as to negotiate it with an enterprise of their choice. For committed and skillful students internships often become the starting point of their careers.

Program graduates have employment opportunities in private and state companies, international organizations and NGOs, media companies, universities and research centers. MGIMO graduates are in high demand by employers in business and politics.

MGIMO Career Centre provides a wide range of career and recruitment opportunities. Its main goal is to help students and graduates launch their careers in:

  • Major Russian and international firms;
  • National public/government bodies and agencies;
  • International organizations;
  • International research centers and think-tanks.

The Career Centre holds up to 40 events annually including MGIMO Career days, professional master-classes, workshops, case-studies and simulations, companies’ presentations, etc. The Career Centre has supported hundreds of students and graduates in finding internships and full-time jobs.


Oxana Kharitonova

MGIMO Professor

The uniqueness of the Master’s program lies in its multidisciplinary which overcomes traditional disciplinary boundaries and allows graduate students from various backgrounds to enhance their core competencies in International relations, economics, comparative politics and law, to work with supervisors from different disciplinary areas in order to understand European, Eurasian and world developments from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Nikita Alexandrov

I would describe my studies at the University of Pisa as extremely useful and enjoyable time. Teachers at the University are extremely passionate with their disciplines, they are open for discussions and always ready to help students. Pisa itself is a small ancient town, with University building and libraries dissimilated all over the place. In your spare time you can discover the country, learn something new and interesting. I recommend all students to enjoy the opportunities of studying abroad: it is useful experience that will definitely create a lot of vivid and unforgettable impressions


Henry T. Sardaryan

PhD, Dean of the School of Governance and Politics, member of the Academic Council of the School, member of the Academic Council of the University

Fields of interest: Political system of Italy; religious factor in politics; public administration.

Оxana V. Gaman-Golutvina

PhD, Head of the Department of Comparative Politics. President of the Russian Political Science Association

Fields of interest: Political marketing, Political risks, Contemporary Russian politics

+7 495 229-41-75

Оxana G.Kharitonova

PhD, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Fields of interest: Comparative politics and government, political regimes and political regime changes, democratization, political institutions

Maria F. Utkina

Deputy Dean of the School of Governance and Politics
+7 495 229-40-46
+7 925 171-82-44