MGIMO University & LUISS University of Rome

Dual degree master programs


The aim of the program is to train high-class experts in innovation and innovative development, combined with a legal or managerial background and giving them the instruments necessary to interpret the current digital transitions in society and the economy. The program provides students with a solid legal background with equally strong interdisciplinary, managerial and technical knowledge.

Duration 2 years
Tuition fees €1000 + €7000
Tuition language english
Application deadline July 1
Internship 3 months


Core courses 1st year — LUISS University of Rome

  • Digital Transformation
  • Research & Innovation Lab
  • Governance of Innovation and Sustainability
  • New Technologies and Labour Law
  • Digitalization, Ethics and the Law
  • Law and Policy of Innovation and Sustainability
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Criminal Compliance and New Technologies
  • Intellectual Property Law

Core courses 2nd year — MGIMO University

  • Theory and Practices of Modern Public Administration
  • Development and adoption of management decision-making
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation management
  • Lobbying as a mean of business community interest realization
  • Business development
  • Venture capital management
  • Corporate law and governance in the Russian Federation






  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • 2 reference letters
  • Bachelor transcript / copy of diploma
  • IELTS / TOEFL certificate
  • 2 photos

Submit portfolio via email:

Application deadline — July, 1


The world is changing under the influence of information transformative technologies and innovative business models, which are actively supported and developed by management information tools. The changes that are taking place are sweeping and impressive. There is a lot of creative, scientific, technical and entrepreneurial work behind them today.

The large-scale transition to digitalization cannot be stopped: it is valuable for the consumer, beneficial for business, and meaningful for the regulator. The value of digital solutions is growing every day. In order not to lose ground in the new economy, but to increase it, it is necessary to understand very clearly and dynamically the basis of things, processes, systems and phenomena.

The relevance of digital transformation, both at the level of individual businesses and at the level of entire sectors of the economy, creates a growing interest in the challenges and opportunities, risks and benefits that become possible within the digital economy.

LUISS University of Rome

During the first year at the University of Rome students will study legal and management subjects that will allow them to delve into innovation and sustainability issues from a legal prospective.

MGIMO University

During the second year of study at MGIMO, students will study the practice of modern public administration, including management with the use of the newest information technologies, practices of public decision making, learn effective and efficient strategic planning and deepen their knowledge of a foreign language.


Training on the program is carried out during three semesters, the fourth semester is completely devoted to writing a final paper and 3-month internship in international companies or government agencies. For the students who have successfully proved themselves during the internship, it usually becomes a starting point for their future career.


MGIMO performs impressively well in connecting graduates with their employers: the University scores 5/5 stars in the QS University Ranking on Employability.

he 4th term is fully focused on thesis and 3-month internship. Students are free to choose a place for their internship from a list of MGIMO partners as well as to negotiate it with an enterprise of their choice. For committed and skillful students internships often become the starting point of their careers.

Program graduates have employment opportunities in private and state companies, international organizations and NGOs, media companies, universities and research centers. MGIMO graduates are in high demand by employers in business and politics.

MGIMO Career Centre provides a wide range of career and recruitment opportunities. Its main goal is to help students and graduates launch their careers in:

  • Major Russian and international firms;
  • National public/government bodies and agencies;
  • International organizations;
  • International research centers and think-tanks.

The Career Centre holds up to 40 events annually including MGIMO Career days, professional master-classes, workshops, case-studies and simulations, companies’ presentations, etc. The Career Centre has supported hundreds of students and graduates in finding internships and full-time jobs.


Henry T. Sardaryan

PhD, Dean of the School of Governance and Politics, member of the Academic Council of the School, member of the Academic Council of the University

Fields of interest: Political system of Italy; religious factor in politics; public administration.

Sergei Kamolov

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Public Govrnance

Fields of interest: Strategic management, theory of management, cybernetics
+7 495 225-31-08

Maria F. Utkina

Deputy Dean of the School of Governance and Politics
+7 495 229-40-46
+7 925 171-82-44