MGIMO University & Lomonosov Moscow State University

Dual degree master programs

School of Governance and Politics MGIMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and The Political Science Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University deliver two joint master’s degree programs in English.

«Russian policy studies»

«Russian policy studies» program aimed at studying foreign and domestic policy of modern Russia. The program is implemented within the scope of Political Science course. The research adviser on the part of MSU – P.K.Dutkevich, professor of political science, Director of Public Administration and Public Policy Center at Carleton University of Ottawa (Canada); on the part of MGIMO is the Head of the Political Theory Department – T.A.Alekseeva.


  • Applied Political Analytics
  • Critical Geopolitics
  • Globalization and its challenges
  • International Business: Assessment of Social and Political Risks
  • Sanctions Regime: Government and Business Strategies
  • Anti-Corruption Policy


  • Methodology of Political Research
  • Strategic directions and principles of Russian policy in the face of new challenges
  • Politics and economics in post-Soviet countries
  • Comparative analysis of modern political institutions and processes
  • International organizations: new hegemony or ineffective partners
  • Integration Policy: European Union / Eurasian Economic Union
  • Migration and Refugees: Security and Humanistic Aspects
  • Global World Governance
  • Cooperation and conflict in international politics

«Post-soviet public policy»

«Post-soviet public policy» program aimed at studying states of the former Soviet Union and implemented within the scope of Public policy course at MGIMO and within the scope of Political Science course at MSU. The research adviser on the part of MGIMO is the Head of the Comparative Politics Department – O.V.Gaman-Golutvina, on the part of MSU – the Head of Public Policy Department – V.I.Yakunin.


  • Applied Political Analytics
  • Critical Geopolitics
  • Globalization and its challenges
  • Politics and security in post-soviet countries
  • Politics in Eurasian states
  • The EU, the Council of Europe and Russia
  • Politics in Russia


  • Strategic directions and principles of Russian policy in the face of new challenges
  • Politics and economics in post-Soviet countries
  • Comparative analysis of modern political institutions and processes
  • Formation of state policy in post-Soviet countries
  • Modern political management
  • International security issues in world politics and in the post-Soviet space
  • Social and psychological aspects of the political process
  • "Frozen" conflicts
  • The main directions of state policy in the post-Soviet space

Master’s degree programs focus on effective combination of fundamental humanitarian education and modern practical preparation based on scientific schools recognized by the professional community leaders.

The courses are taught by the leading lecturers from both MSU and MGIMO as well as by world class specialist from foreign universities that allows to focus on specific nature of social and political processes perception in the post-soviet area.

Joint educational programs are delivered in close connection with employers: the respective courses and master classes are taught by distinguished specialists in the sphere of politics and governance that have significant work experience in public agencies, political parties, think-tanks and consulting organizations, mass media. Master’s degree programs provide for the scientific advances research in the sphere of international relations and foreign policy, modern theories and methods of global politics research. Students will gain knowledge of core institutions and principles of international law, global and regional economic trends, role and position of Russia in the global politics. Graduates will obtain MSU and MGIMO degrees along with unique competences that ensures a proactive role in terms of modern world threats. The combination of modern traditions of humanitarian education and practical preparation allows graduates to become highly demanded specialists.


Tatiana A. Alekseeva

Head of The Department of Political Theory, Honoured scholar of the Russian Federation, Professor, PhD

Fields of interest: Theory of international relations, modern political theories

+7 495 229-38-16

Оxana V. Gaman-Golutvina

PhD, Head of the Department of Comparative Politics. President of the Russian Political Science Association

Fields of interest: Political marketing, Political risks, Contemporary Russian politics

+7 495 229-41-75

Maria F. Utkina

Deputy Dean of the School of Governance and Politics
+7 495 229-40-46
+7 925 171-82-44